mind spark

a thought bubble for students

mind spark

mind spark

a thought bubble for students

what is mind spark?

Mind Spark is a student-based international magazine dedicated to connecting students around the world through STEM. We encourage students who are passionate about STEM to publish their thoughts and ideas related to their passion for our platform.
our mission is to promote ingenuity and creative thinking in STEM through student narratives

spark labs

Tune in to get insider info from revolutionary STEM experts and leaders in our unique conversations! From stories to advice, Spark Labs aims to extend your thought bubble to new horizons. Use one the links below to listen to our podcast.

On our platform, users can publish works such as articles, editorials, research, illustrations, and even failures!

Competitive capability of Mytella charruana, an invasive mussel species versus local mussel species, e.g. Perna sp

Failed prototype of a quadruped Arduino robot for aiding in search and rescue operations

This could be your project!

publishing should be an interactive experience.

that's why we offer the ability to like, share, comment, and follow creators


natural sciences


computer science

. . . the possibilities are endless!

our progress.

May 10, 2020

organization founded

May 11, 2020

Twitter account launched

May 13, 2020

Instagram account launched

May 14, 2020

LinkedIn account launched

June 17, 2020

initial website launch

August 8, 2020

podcasts launch

mid-September, 2020

app launch

mind spark is an international project.

We take pride in the diversity of our team, with members, applicants, and submissions from all around the globe.
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